Things Men Do (But Would Never Admit)

Men think

What are some of the secret habits of men?

There’s a huge difference between a guy when he’s all alone and when he has anyone around him. There’s a lot that happens behind closed doors and men will shy away from doing so many things that they normally do if no one else was nearby. This article is going to tell you all about the things men love to do but hate to admit.

Here Are 5 Things Men Secretly Do:

1- They Dress to Impress

While a guy might mockingly point out how another guy is trying way too hard with his outfit, he secretly does the same. Men will try to convince you that they don’t care about what they wear, but deep down, they have the same urge to feel pretty. Playing dress-up is something men love to do but hate to admit.

2- They Pee While Sitting Down

Guys constantly mock other guys about peeing while sitting down, even when they do the same thing themselves. The truth of the matter is, peeing while sitting down can be far more convenient for them, especially on lazy mornings. Most guys will hide that fact as if it were their deep dark secret just because other guys might call them out on it.

3- They Like Watching Women They Find Attractive

Men can’t help but watch a woman they find attractive. They will follow her on all social media platforms and gaze at her whenever a new post is out. Some even go out of their way and head to websites that contain a compilation of thousands of attractive women accounts. Men will find many options on where models and attractive women stream shows, and they’ll watch however long they want. After all, there’s nothing better than watching someone willingly show off their beauty to a willing viewer. Some even purchase the name of the private Snapchat accounts where they get a more premium view.

4- They Watch Porn

Many times you’d see a guy deny this with all his might, and no matter how much he denies it, it’ll remain true. Men watch porn. They’re simply more drawn to it. They deny it so that they don’t shine a bad light on themselves, but they secretly do it all the time.

5- They Love Listening to Gossip

You may think that guys are just generally uninterested in the latest gossip, but once you start talking about it, you’ll notice that they’re slowly leaning in to get the hottest scoop. They may constantly show that they don’t enjoy it, but they always have that curiosity within them that wants to know what’s happening. Asking them about what they think of the matter can be one of the happiest moments for them because they’d finally get to participate.

Whenever someone talks about why these things are embarrassing for men to do, they never give you an answer that satisfies logic. Most of the shame behind doing these things revolve around the stigma behind them and how it affects people’s view of you. So, men avoid showing it as much as they can just to remain in a good light, even if there’s nothing inherently wrong in the activity itself.

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