Samson Ambassador Eric Macheru on the Durability of South Africans

We chat with Samson ambassador Eric Macheru about his role with Global Citizen and plans for 2019!

Iconic South African workwear and street-style brand Samson recently unveiled their summer line-up, featuring some classic and new styles for the incoming season; and we caught up with Samson brand ambassador Eric Macheru to find out a little more about his favourite items and involvement in the new campaign.

“I have to say, I felt good in everything,” Macheru said when asked about his favourite items from the new range. “If I had to pick out of this summer collection, I really like the dungaree and the tee’s are quite comfy, and easy to ear with anything.”

Macheru, who was recently involved with the Global Citizen event which took place in Johannesburg, says that the event was not only a big success, but also draw attention to some important issues affecting South Africans.

“Raising awareness against a lot of the social ills we face on a daily was very important, I honestly think it got us reviewing the impact we all can make in society.”

While the Global Citizen event had a focus on social elements, it was also a star-studded event, which allowed the 32-year-old Macheru to showcase his diverse style with Samson.

“Its quite important to understand your day and surroundings in order to dress accordingly… but always be comfortable. That’s why I love so many of the Samson pieces for my everyday style, but there are also pieces that can transition into more smart casual looks.”

Not many local brands have such a clear message and identity, but Samson is a proud symbol of South Africa’s hard working heritage, and this is something Macheru aligns with.

“I truly associate with all of them, but the brand’s new call out in the the new hashtag #ToughStreetsToughThreads hits home. The brand has such a place in the heart of the country, and we as South Africans have been through a lot, but we’re tough, and we will persevere. That’s what that hashtag means to me.”


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Regarding 2019, Macheru is looking ahead to the opportunities on the horizon, particularly those with Samson.

“I’m excited about the new year ahead. I can’t wait for the new year to hit the ground running, launching my foundation, more global citizen work, more TV and more growth with Samson Africa. It’s gonna be great!”

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