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Trendy New Fast Food Burger Joint to Open in CT Soon!

Banks Burger promises to make everything from scratch, right down to the preservative-free tomato sauce!

Crystal Espin



Look alive people, there’s a new burger joint opening in Cape Town’s southern suburbs and we’ve heard it’s going to be all kinds of epic. The new burger spot coming to Newlands plans to make all your takeaway and sit down burger dreams come true with burgers that are filled with flavour and free from junk. Here’s the low-down on Banks Burger coming to Dean Street soon!

Now you might be thinking, “does Cape Town really need another burger spot?” The answer is yes, if they’re like Banks Burgers, we definitely do. Banks is planning to stand out from the crowd with a selection of old-school style burgers made from scratch – which means no preservatives and other weird additives (yippee!). And, before you ask, yes everything will be made from scratch, on-site – including the brioche buns and pickles. Heck, to show you how serious they are they even plan to make their own tomato sauce.


As for the menu at Banks Burger Cape Town we’ve heard it’s going to be short and sweet. Hungry customers can expect the basics done well and can look forward to tucking into burgers, fries, milkshakes and other such burger joint classics. If you’re a part of the gluten-free or Banting crew then you will also be relieved to hear that Banks will be offering bun-less burgers and sweet potato chips. And, if you’re all about the combo lifestyle (who isn’t?) then you can upsize your meal and spring for a burger, fries, and soft drink or shake combo. If you’re not a fan of leaving the house, then the great news is they’re also planning to introduce a delivery option so you can chill out on the couch in your slippers and avoid the crowds.

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Opening day is yet to be confirmed but the last stalking mission we did on Instagram revealed that they’re planning to open some time this week, 18 – 24 July 2016. For more information keep your eye on WomenStuff and say Hi to Banks Burger on Instagram and Facebook. If you’re into stalking you can also visit them at 47 Dean Street, Newlands, Cape Town very, very soon.

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