New to SA: Spanish Chocolate Brand Valor Wows with Sugar-Free Range [Review]

Spanish chocolate brand Valor has arrived in South Africa.

Nothing compares to the sweet taste of chocolate, not even a delicious beer. But, of course, like all good things, chocolate still needs to be enjoyed in moderation. The supermarket shelves are packed with sugar-laden chocolate options designed to tempt us in our darkest hour but, for most of us, succumbing to the lure of chocolate is an indulgence reserved for the occasional weekend treat. Luckily, for those of us who know that enjoying the occasional chocolate high simply won’t cut it, there’s always the option of sugar-free chocolates. These days South Africans are blessed with quite a few sugar-free and lower-sugar chocolate alternatives but I’m willing to bet none of them are as good as Valor Chocolate’s range of sugar-free and ‘no sugar added’ chocolates.

New to the South African market, Spanish brand Valor is here to bring chocolate lovers a whole new way to enjoy chocolate whenever the mood strikes. A household name in Spain, Valor is beloved the world over for its deliciously creamy chocolate treats in a variety of flavours. Valor launched its range of sugar-free chocolates in the early 2000s and now has come to South Africa to open up the chocolate market to a whole new breed of South African consumer, the health-conscious eater.

Made using the natural sugar substitute Stevia, Valor’s sugar-free variants cater to diabetic or glucose-intolerant consumers as well as those on low-sugar or healthy diets. Valor is currently the top-selling sugar-free chocolate brand in Spain and its sugar-free range is sure to be a hit with South African shoppers as well.

The sugar-free range offers 3 chocolate varieties including sugar-free 70% Dark Chocolate, sugar-free 85% Dark, and 70% Dark Chocolate with orange. The ‘no added sugars’ range offers 2 varieties including Creamy Milk Chocolate and Milk Chocolate, both which include natural sugars from flavour additives such as hazelnuts.

The great thing about the Valor sugar-free and ‘no added sugar’ range is that it has the same delicious taste as the original Valor chocolate range. We put the sugar-free and original Valor chocolate range to a blind taste test and the vast majority of tasters couldn’t tell the difference between the two options! After sampling the whole range I’m 100% sold on the magic of Valor’s sugar-free range. There’s no doubt the manufacturer has mastered the art of sugar-free chocolate wizardry, which is great news for health-conscious types who long for the day when they can have their chocolate and eat it too!

The Valor Chocolate range will launch nationally through Dis-Chem, as well as select Checkers and Spar stores across South Africa at a recommended retail price of R39.99 for a 100g chocolate slabs.

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