Introducing The 99-Pack Beer

99 pack beer

6-packs are so 2013. The 99-pack beer is the new thing on the block, as introduced by US brewery Austin Beerworks, and it’s pretty hard not to smile just looking at it.

Named the Peacemaker Anytime Ale, Austin Beerworks’ new pride and joy features 99 cans of the glorious nectar of the gods in a massive 2.1 metre long case of 37kgs of beer.

The sad thing is that they’re only available in the US and for a limited time only. However, a cool thing is that Austin Beerworks is stashing only a few of these suckers throughout their home city of Austin, Texas, so you’re one has to follow their social media for updates on coordinates. A scavenger hunt for the ultimate beer treasure, if you will.

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