How to Save on Fashion, Gadgets, & Gaming with 2020’s Biggest Sales!

Gadget sale

Here’s how to capitalise on the best sales kicking-off the new year!

For the serial shoppers among us, any new year provides a fantastic opportunity to make use of some of the immense sales some retailers have during the opening months. While November and December are generally terrible times to shop — simply because prices are jacked up in preparation for all the frantic Christmas shopping – the exact opposite is true for the new year period, as retailers try to get excess stock from the previous year off their shelves and they slash prices to move that stock.

Now, we’re not exactly recommending buying 2019’s Christmas gifts now (although you can if you’d like), but if there’s anything on the list you sent to Santa that you didn’t get, now is the perfect time to browse for whether or not something you want is available for a massive discount.

While the sales in SA are getting better and better, only a few countries in the world have truly perfected the art of the sale. The likes of Amazon, Best Buy, and Asos have some cracking gadget, tech, and fashion sales respectively. But, we know what you’re thinking – how do you get it to SA? If you see something from an overseas retailer that you just have to have but it isn’t shipped to our sunny shores – then let the folks at Postbox Courier get it here for you!

Postbox Courier can help you out with their international shipping solutions by coordinating overseas orders from retailers that may have limited shipping destinations (and signing up with them is FREE). They’ll even combine several orders for you if you’ve got shipments coming in from different locations. Got orders coming from Tokyo, Sao Paulo, and New York? Postbox Courier will combine them all and get you your goods in one combined shipment.

Want more information on costs? Email with a link to your wishlist and they can calculate how much you will have to pay in import charges.

To find out more about PostBox-Courier and just how easy the service is to use, read our full review here or visit the PostBox Courier website here.

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