Here’s What A Man Makeover Can Do For You

A man makeovers!? Yes, guys. Makeovers are no longer just for ladies. Personal stylist, Tracy Gold, shows us the difference the right clothing makes.

I recently conducted a few male makeovers in the Kurt Geiger store in Sandton City to demonstrate the difference the right clothing can make to a man’s look.

This is Mo’s makeover.

His build:

Mo’s midsection is his widest point and his shoulders are fairly narrow. My aim was to add bulk to his shoulders for balance and to de-emphasise his midsection.

His look before:

His baggy clothing makes him look bigger than he is. I like that Mo is wearing a bright colour on top as it highlights and enhances his complexion, but it does draw the eye to his midsection.

What I did for Mo’s makeover and why:

  • This blazer does wonders to add bulk to his shoulders. It also creates the illusion that he is taller than he is.
  • The fit of the blazer gives him shape and takes the emphasis off his midsection.
  • The deep v-neck of the lapel draws the eye down the body, creating a slimming effect.
  • The white shirt complements and enhances his complexion.
  • The fit of these trousers work well to balance this build.
  • The pointy shoes work to elongate his look.


Mo before and after

Mo – before (left) and after (right).

All the clothing in the after shot is from Kurt Geiger

Check out more from Tracy at Makeovers for Men.

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