Do Men Actually Care About Grooming?

With gender-roles continually evolving with the current generation, does the average man embrace ideas of grooming and skincare, or ignore them completely?

Conversations about male grooming have certainly become more frequent of late among men.  Is this a generation thing or have men realised that taking care of their skin is just as important as a well-tuned engine?

Unlike the fairer sex, men generally do not place as much importance on introducing a full care regime into their daily lives.  Women seem to spend hours on prepping, pulling, cutting, waxing and moisturising. Do men treat their skin as well as they do their car?

Their answer: a resounding yes!

When it comes to selecting a skin care product or a shaver, how much time does the average man spend?  Gone are the days that the women in the house would take care of all shopping needs, men are now making their own decisions and doing research on grooming products.  According to global insight men are becoming harder to please and are surer about what will get the job done.

In years gone by, men would shy away from anything that didn’t involve oil, grease or some kind of item from their well-stocked toolbox.  Today men spend just as much time artfully grooming their beards, sideburns or scalps – it represents their personality, and gives them a sense of wellbeing.

Research indicates that men value their own time, no matter their age.  Men are not scared to admit that they too have needs, those of the grooming kind.  What is refreshing is that South African men are just as comfortable in front of the mirror as they are under their car.

So what products have become regular recurrences in a typical men’s shopping cart?  As you would with your car, men invest in the best parts.  Philips points out that men now invest in a good electric shaver (something like the Philips shaver range), that is able to provide multiple solutions.  This also fulfils their need for the latest and greatest gadgets on the market.

Men don’t need to panic about using blunt razors to make their way through their unruly facial hair.  Once they have a reliable gadget in hand, men turn their attention to good quality shaving cream as well as exfoliators.  Girls, if you are asking yourself the question ‘will my man really take the time to exfoliate’?  Rather ask yourself where you will be relegated to when your man descends on the bathroom to shave, exfoliate and moisturise.  Naturally, leaving you in the smaller bathroom with that tiny mirror that is both useless and positioned way to high on the wall, meaning that you employ the tippy toes manoeuvre.

What have we established? Whether men are standing in a bathroom or in the garage – they are at peace.  Men are definitely investing in grooming gadgets and are spending the time to achieve maximum results.  They are also not afraid to be seen as ‘in-tune’ with themselves, and gone are the days where men don’t ask other men what they have in their new toolkits.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. jhb_boet

    August 26, 2015 at 15:47

    simple answer: yes
    but do we want to groom: no

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