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Dead Man’s Fingers Rum Launches in SA , Pre-Mix Cans Also Available

A new rum has entered the South African market.




Dead Man’s Fingers rum has officially launched in South Africa, and this premium rum, created in a famous seafood joint in Cornwall, UK, is aiming to bring something a little different to the local rum market.

Besides delivering a premium quality liquor, with a higher alcohol percentage on the spirit aperitifs scale than its competitors, what’s immediate about all things Dead Man’s Fingers is its distinctive and original packaging, along with its coated and beautifully embossed bespoke bottles.

Dead Man’s Fingers includes three varietals: Spiced, Dark and Coconut. Spiced delivers hints of Saffron cake, Pedro Ximinez ice cream, caramel and vanilla with cinnamon, nutmeg, and orange notes. The dark variety features notes of molasses and burnt toast, which is enhanced by meticulous blending to give it the dark auburn colour. The result is a profound structured dark rum with notes of dark caramel, slightly woody with a toffee finish. An ideal companion for cocktails.

According to Johan Oosthuizen, Managing Director of Halewood Artisanal Spirits South Africa, locals will most certainly gravitate towards the dark option, given its healthy local market share.

“Spiced is the flagship in the UK,” said Oosthuizen. “In South Africa’s rum category, dark rum is a significant portion of the market, and we therefore responded and included it. Then we acknowledged that the so-called “flavoured rums” (spirit aperitifs) are emerging and creating excitement in the rum category, in the same way as flavoured gins did for its class.”

Blending in is tropical Coconut, which features a  tropical flavour of coconuts with elements of juicy mango, raisins, runny caramel, coconut ice and a slight citrusy trace of lime peel. Balance is achieved with a whiff of vanilla and a dash of clove.

Pre-mixed cans

On top of the main rum products, Dead Man’s Fingers also offers pre-mixed cans, giving ready-to-drink, crack-and-consume options in the range of flavours – Cuba Libre (rum & cola), Rattlesnake (rum and raspberry) and Dead Mule (rum & ginger).

These three bespoke flavour and taste combinations are a South African exclusive, offering a perfectly blended and well-balanced thirst quencher, all within a loud and proud, ready-to-drink can that conspicuously sets it apart.

Dead Man’s Fingers rum is available at your nearest liquor store or online on Liquor Drop. You can check out more on Dead Man’s Fingers‘ website.

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