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Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring for Your Partner

Here are some tips before taking a knee for that special someone!




If you are considering popping the question to your partner, one of the things you may be looking to do is to surprise her with a beautiful engagement ring. This is probably one of the most important items of jewellery you will ever buy, so it is something that requires plenty of thought before you make your choice.

When it comes to engagement rings, you can choose from a wide range of styles and designs, or you can even go for a bespoke one that is customized to your specific requirements if you want something really unique. In order to choose the perfect ring for your partner, there are a few key things to keep in mind. We will look at some of these in this article.

Some Key Points to Keep in Mind

There are a number of key points you need to keep in mind when it comes to finding the perfect engagement ring for your partner. Some of these are:

What You Want to Spend

One of the things you have to think about is how much you want to spend on the ring. While there are generalised ideas about what you should spend, it is really down to your personal circumstances and finances. You can get some beautiful engagement rings at a range of price points, so don’t feel pressured into getting yourself into debt in order to purchase a ring. Instead, take some time to look at your finances and work out what you can realistically afford to spend on the item of jewellery.

The Precious Metal She Likes

A vital part of the process is to look at the precious metal she likes. There are some people that love classic gold, but many others prefer white gold or even platinum. So, try to work out what sort of metal she would love for her ring. You can look at the type of jewellery she normally wears to get an idea of this, and you could even ask her close friends and family about this if you want to be on the safe side. This will enable you to choose the perfect precious metal without giving anything away to your partner.

What Sort of Gemstone You Want

Of course, the other thing you need to decide is which precious gem you want for the engagement ring or whether you want a combination such as sapphire and diamonds. While diamonds are the classic and traditional choice for engagement rings, you can go for whatever stone you wish. So, find out more about her favourite gems to determine which one to choose for the ring. Again, look at the type of jewellery she wears and ask friends and family if you are unsure. However, if you are struggling, opting for timeless diamonds is a great choice, as you cannot go far wrong with this.

The Size of the Ring

You also need to know the size of the ring, but if you are surprising your partner, this can be tricky. What you can do, however, is to try and get a hold of one of her other rings from her jewellery box without her knowing and this can be used to size the engagement ring. You can then sneak the other ring back and, hopefully, she will be none the wiser!

A Stunning Surprise

By putting some thought into the perfect engagement ring for your partner, you can ensure you present her with a stunning surprise and a beautiful item of jewellery that she can treasure for years to come.

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