Backed by Science: We’ve Found a Hangover Cure That Really Works!

Put the “over” in hangover!

South Africans have a lot of reasons to drink lately. Between loadshedding and pandemic uncertainty, having a glass of wine or beer at home is one of the blissful releases we can indulge in at the moment. However, we’ve all been guilty of overdoing it from time-to-time.

Waking up dehydrated with a throbbing headache can be your own personal World War, and yes, while there are some alleged ‘miracle’ hangover cures, none of them really do the trick.

Tackling this problem from a more scientific and practical approach is what the team at Recova have done. Being dubbed as the ultimate hangover tonic, Recova is chemically-proven to rehydrate your brain, assist with organ function, and being an Apple flavoured health drink, it tastes great too (bonus!).

Not just a hangover drink

Furthermore, this isn’t just a drink for those who’ve made the error of overindulging, it’s also a pre-emptive tonic to help prepare your mind and body before having an alcoholic drink, and is also a fantastic revitaliser for jet-lag, physical exertion, or any fatigue. Look at Recova as your supportive problem-solving friend, in liquid form, of course.

So, what’s in it?

Electrolytes to get your body back on track, along with Vitamin B complex (giving you all the good and important Vitamin Bs you need), prickly pear to reduce inflammation, Acetyl-L-carnitine (or ALCAR, for short) to provide antioxidants and assist with brain function, DHM to speed up your liver’s alcohol metabolism, and Vitamin C to give your immune system a much-needed boost!

Where can I get it?

Recova is available from Checkers Liquor and online from these stores in singles, 4-packs, or cases. And just looking at the single price, being able to avoid a hangover for less than R30 is priceless in our books!

So, if you want some bizarre Russian ‘miracle’ remedy, by all means, go for it. But if you want something that’s chemically-proven to improve your well-being and karate-chop that hangover, check out Recova.

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