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Christmas is around the corner and if you’re wondering what to get to treat yo’ friends, dad, or brother to this season, we’ve highlighted some awesome items that should do the trick!

Hoppin’ into some Scotch

You can’t go wrong with a good bottle of whiskey as a gift, and Auchentoshan, pronounced “OK-Ken-TO-Shan”, is debuting a new look this season while still delivering the much-loved tripe distilled Scotch taste, so it’s a no-brainer as a gift. In addition to the new look, the brand will be launching their limited edition Festive Pack online and in-store at the great retail price of R349. Each pack contains a 750ml bottle of American Oak and the signature orange mug especially for trying out the popular ‘Auch and Ale’ serve.

Your gift will include the limited edition pack along with a lovely Christmas Cake in A Mug recipe as well as key ingredients for this treat, for you to try at home or with family on Christmas Day and potentially share with your readers this December.

Why getting Socks for Xmas Doesn’t Need to Be Dull

Yeah, there’s a bit of a joke about giving socks as a gift, but these foot huggers aren’t your average socks. Falke’s range of activity-specific socks don’t only bring a whole new level of comfort, but some additional benefits too. Falke’s Hidden Dry socks are designed for advanced performance, being ultra-thin but still having what Falke calls ‘Drynamix’ moisture management. This allows for your feet to be well-ventilated and stay dry, while still being reinforced to ensure they’re durable, go the distance, and your heel and toes are supported.

Falke’s Silver Cushion range features socks designed for comfort and hygiene. The cotton is laced with silver yarn to be anti-microbial, while the fibres remain cooler than other average socks. They also feature some great cushioning and an elasticated upper, so you don’t feel like your feet have been through the wringer when taking your socks off.

A close shave

Shave Union

For the guy who is spending tons of razors, a subscription to The Shave Union is a pretty good idea! The Shave Union delivers high-quality razors and blades to your door every month, so you don’t have to waste time going to the shops. They have a number of plans available, starting from R199 p/m, where you can get your shaving needs delivered every 2 weeks, or up to every 4 months — the choice is yours!

A spicy package

We all have that one friend that loves some heat with his meal, so why not grab him a unique and exotic hot sauce? The Sauce Shop delivers the widest variety of hot chilli sauces to your door, and you will find sauces from artisanal South African producers, as well as brands from around the world.

You can shop from mild, medium, hot, and extra hot sauces – so there’s a little something for everyone – and there’s even a monthly subscription box to sign-up for, where The Sauce Shop selects 3 of their favourite handcrafted hot sauces from SA and Africa and delivers them to your door on a monthly basis.



Coffee-lovers who enjoy a good ole filter coffee will know the biggest problem: you don’t want to make a whole pot if you aren’t going to drink it all. Yes, there are smaller plungers, but there’s also a lot of cleaning and prep required for something that only makes a single cup. So, what’s the solution? The guys at BrewSpoon have put together a clever little contraption, which combines the filtration of coffee with… well, a spoon, and it’s ingenious. Featuring a small sieve-like filter on the end, you simply open it, fill it with your favourite freshly-ground coffee, pop in in the cup, add hot water, and boom: you’ve got yourself a single cup of delicious filter coffee.

A single BrewSpoon is currently retailing for R199.

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