3 Exciting Innovations in the Coffee Industry

Coffee innovations 2017

The future is now!

While we casually sip away at our coffee on a daily basis, there’s a whole lot of innovations and advancements happening in the coffee industry to ensure that we get the best, most delicious, and well constructed coffee product delivered to our face-holes. So, to pay homage to all the hard work going in behind-the-scenes, we’ve rounded up 3 of the most exciting innovations taking place in the coffee industry:


The rise of machines in the workplace can be quite frightening, but it can also produce some incredible benefits. The latest occupation in the robots’ firing line is the barista. Café X, a new shop in San Francisco, delivers a coffee, from bean to finished cup using a companion app, without human intervention.

While the robot itself doesn’t feature any voice or anthropomorphic characteristics, and is essentially a robotic arm you’d find in a car factory, it delivers the most important factor in any interaction: efficiency.

Keeping quality

Besides being philanthropically awesome, Cape Town’s Dando Coffee is at the forefront of innovation – and not just with the coffee itself. DANDO ™ believes in excellence and responsibility, delivering quality coffee in stylish, unique packaging that is also environmentally friendly, through all stages of the process.

The coffee is packaged in DANDO’s distinctive EcoTubes, which are 100% recyclable containers, 75% of which is manufactured from recycled materials. Even during the sealing process of the coffee, no chemical adhesives are used and the DANDO ™ EcoTubes use a unique friction sealing lid to ensure an air-tight seal.  This unique friction sealing technology also ensures an almost 100% seal upon resealing, keeping moisture and oxygen flow into the container at an absolute minimum, which makes the coffee last longer and taste better.
Dando Coffee


Avid Instagrammers will no doubt have seen the oh-so-delicious looking Coffee in a Cone made famous by The Grind Coffee Company in Melrose Arch. Well, the great news is, 2017 is off to an excellent start as, thanks to Slo-Jo, the hot trend has now made its way to Cape Town and Durban as well! Slo-Jo has acquired the sole distribution rights for the chocolate coated cones that make the ultra-Instagrammable Coffee in a Cone possible.

This exclusive deal means that coffee shops across the country are now able to offer the the crisp, chocolate-coated cones used to produce and serve Coffee in a Cone.These coffee shops offering Coffee in a Cone will personalise this treat with their own brews and blends, creating a unique flavour experience for coffee aficionados across the country.

Coffee in a cone

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