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Launching Your Online Business? Here’s Where to Start

Online Business

Before diving into the digital world, there are some things that you should know!

Before online became such a burgeoning industry, just getting your name online was considered a win. However, with all the trial and error throughout the evolution of the industry, there are some key components that you can focus on in order to make your transition or venture into the digital world a smooth one. It can be a daunting task to undertake, though, so we’ve put together the most important steps in getting your online business platform started.

Design Your Landing Page

Until your website is complete and up and running, your landing page is where you’ll want to direct potential customers towards. The primary function of the landing page is to give your future customers an idea of what your product is, your service entails, or what you offer, and it will also be the initial place where you’ll engage with customers. Giving them an option to leave their email addresses so they can be given further information at a later stage is what you want after someone visits the landing page. Next up, in order to funnel people towards your landing page, you’re going to want to…

Have your Social Media Accounts Ready

Social media is one of the most essential tools in marketing now. Things like print ads or physical advertising space are still important, but most customers are easily reachable on social media, so it should be a focus for anyone launching an online business. This is how your future customers are likely to be first introduced to your company too, so you need to have a coherent brand identity that people will start associating with your business and your products.

Prep your Email Marketing

It might seem surprising, since the invention of spam mailboxes, but email is still one of the most effective marketing channels to use. In terms of the investment in comparison to the return of converted leads into customers, email marketing campaigns are quite effective. There are a number of potential candidates to go with if you want a third party to handle your email marketing for you, which might be a good idea depending on the amount you want to spend. Handling email marketing personally is possible, but it can be tedious, so having a third party deal with it for you can be a massive time-saver.

Install Analytics

In physical, brick-and-mortar stores, it’s possible to gather information from your customers because face to face interactions give you that opportunity. When it comes to e-commerce or online businesses, however, that benefit doesn’t exist, so you need to find another way of inferring how your brand, app or store appeals (or doesn’t appeal) to your customers. This is where analytics software can help bridge the gap; by allowing you to monitor customer activity on your website which will allow you to make improvements to improve customer participation and use of your site.

We’ve given you some of the tips we think are essential when looking into launching your online business, but if you’re going in completely fresh it’s never a bad idea to get a professional opinion. The team at My Online Presence can give you professional advice and solutions to get your online presence to work for you, so get in touch with them if you want more in-depth assistance!

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