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Ditch the Old Undies! We’ve Found the Best Boxers to Up Your Style & Comfort

It’s time to evolve your boxer game!




We get it — we all have those favourite boxers or briefs that have been with us for way too long, and probably resemble something more like a shot-up balaclava than underwear; but if ever there was a time to switch things up, it’s now. Because not only have the times changed, but MANSCAPED™ has also launched its brand-new boxers, giving you every reason to nab yourself a pair or three.

The Boxers 2.0 are the latest addition to the grooming giant’s lifestyle range, but while you may be thinking “how much can boxers really change?”, the truth is: a lot.

The goal behind The Boxers 2.0 was to create the most comfortable boxers that a man can buy, and it’s pretty safe to say that MANSCAPED has achieved just that.

The boxers themselves are light, well-constructed, and soft, already getting one-up on many other options out there. Furthermore, they’re made from a cooling, moisture-wicking Micro Modal fabric, which features anti-chafing properties and smooth flatlock seams — so not only do they keep you cool, but there’s also no awkward scratching, no hard points, or uncomfortable niggles with these bad boys.

If that wasn’t enough, The Boxers 2.0 also feature The Jewel Pouch™, which, as the name suggests, is a more protected and breathable space for, well, the jewels, thanks to greater stitching quality and a perforated performance fabric for extra breathability.

The Boxers 2.0 are slickly designed, with a satin jacquard waistband and some pretty cool prints too, including pinstripes, minimalist prints, or something more ‘out there’, like the Gold Nugget design, if that tickles your fancy.

The boxers not only look good, but they also fit well, having a more tighter and skin-like feel, but still having enough ‘space’ to feel comfortable down there. So you can rest assured, there’s no bunching or floppy seams and edges that make pulling on a pair of jeans a challenging endeavor. An additional feature is the front fly opening, making bathroom breaks a whole lot easier.

You can pick up The Boxers 2.0 at R595 for a single; and R1,600 for 3-pack, but they’re currently on special for just over R400 a pair! So, if you’re going to act, do it now!

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