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Under Armour Clone Magnetico Pro Review — Should You Consider UA’s Boot Offering?

Does Under Armour deliver the goods with their top-end football boot?

Jeremy Proome



Under Armour is a brand that is going from strength to strength in SA. Not only are they providing some seriously impressive running shoes and athletic gear, but the US brand is also well-revered for their cleat and football boot offerings, and with having them available in SA, we thought it best to slip our feet into them to see if the hype meets the performance.

On the top of the UA boot food chain is the Clone Magnetico Pro — a boot that aims to deliver an all-around experience and appeal to a far wider range of players.

So, what makes the Clone Magnetico Pro special? Firstly, as outlined above, the boot really is designed to suit just about any person, in terms of fit and functionality.

The upper features what UA calls their “Clone” material, which is a quilted synthetic material that acts as a one-size-fits-all solution. How this is achieved is that the boot is incredibly soft and pliable, allowing the upper to stretch and form around any foot shape. Now, it’s a big claim, but it’s hard to think of any foot that won’t feel snug and settled in the Magneticos. You get a real padded feel when slipping your feet into the boots without any tough or hard plastic edges.

The heel counter and side panels on the interior of the boot are notably padded, with squishy-soft linings acting like pillows for those boney parts of your foot. There’s no doubt that the Magneticos are one of the most comfortable boots on the market, and carry that premium plush feel of high-end leather boots, albeit without the weight and density.

The fit and feel on foot is therefore closer to the likes of an elite Tiempo from Nike, or the Copa Mundial from Adidas; but of course, being a new, modern football boot, you get that stretchy synthetic sock to hug your ankle, along with the more contemporary materials to shave the weight off. Together, it feels like a boot that brings the comfort factor of classic leather options, along with the lightweight nature of modern speed boots to result in something quite special.

On the underside of the boot, you get a very conservative yet excellent stud pattern, with an all-conical layout (including two extra studs on the forefoot area more akin to AG boots), with a stabilising bar to balance things out. They’re a little longer than something you’d find on a Tiempo, but with the extra studs, you get a more balanced feel and better weight distribution across the whole of the boot. This pattern performed very well on natural grass and allowed for some pivoting and turns, without being too grippy, which isn’t a bad thing for those looking to avoid injuries.

The soleplate itself is pretty stiff, so you get a stable feeling underfoot, however, the forefoot area does have some snappiness to it, allowing you to bend and flex your foot appropriately when pushing off or turning. In terms of aesthetics on the bottom, you get a premium chrome-sheen coating on the plate, which, in all honestly, looks gorgeous in the sunlight. The downside is that this is a wearable finish and was basically a thing of the past after one game (see below):

Another great thing about Under Armour’s branding and design is that they do lean on the understated, more minimal side; so the boots don’t feature many graphics or garish colour clashes. You get a toned-down visual design, but available in some standout, vivid colourways.

There is no doubt that the Under Armour Clone Magnetico Pro brings a level of premium feel and comfort that is admittedly hard to find in the boot market today. While many are leaning on gimmicks and pushing the razor’s edge in terms of technology, UA prioritises comfort and feel, while still ensuring the Magneticos shine on your feet. If you’re looking for a solid boot that does it all, while feeling like your feet are in your grandfather’s slippers, the Clone Magnetico Pro should be on your radar.

The UA Clone Magnetico Pro FG model retails for R4,499 on Under Armour’s website.

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