Puma UltraRide Review – Back to Basics

Puma’s latest runners strip away the unnecessary distractions for something retro-fans will enjoy.

With every sports brand aiming to implement the latest and greatest in tech into their footwear, Puma’s latest UltraRide running shoes do the opposite, going back to basics with what makes running shoes attractive in the first place, but of course, also throws in some new-age tricks to compliment the minimalist design.

It’s a ‘less is more’ approach, with Puma dramatically cutting the weight down as much as possible, with an incredibly light upper made from a mesh-like material to provide breathability to your foot, as well as a very soft synthetic around the lace area to still provide that much-needed lockdown.

On the underside, you get a admittedly wide sole base, which is something some brands have pivoted away from, so while it doesn’t feel as sleek as other silos out there, it delivers far more stability, and this is what runners actually need when pounding the pavement.

Speaking of, Puma’s own proprietary Profoamlite provides a lot of cushioning, but the biggest trick up the UltraRide’s sleeve is the semi-hollow bridged midsole plate, which acts almost like a suspension bridge for your foot’s arch that has a bit of bendable flex to it; and this gives it a fair amount of absorption when planting your foot.

On the downside, the tongue is not the best Puma has done, and does tend to get crumpled up a little when popping them on, but it’s just a testament to how soft and light the airy, mesh-like tongue itself is.

If you’re looking for a no-fuss, simple running shoe that delivers great stability, cushioning, and breathability for your feet (while dodging all the superfluous ‘tech’ found across store shelves these days), the UltraRide is a solid option that’ll appease those who love a retro look and feel while on streets.

Puma’s UltraRide running shoes retail for R1,999 on Puma’s website, Puma stores and selected retailers.

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