Puma Hybrid Ozone Review – Are They the Right Runners For You?

Puma’s new Hybrid Ozone running shoes bring the best of the company’s tech together, but does it make for a good option?

The running shoe market has its fair share of high-tech options, with each brand delivering its own gimmick or trick up its sleeve, whether it be a new material, recycled ingredients, or otherworldly designs. However, with the Hybrid Ozone, Puma has opted to deliver a classic running shoe without all the bells and whistles, but one which uses tech to focus on what’s actually important: performance.

From a design-perspective, the ‘Hybrid’ in Hybrid Ozone is due to the shoe combining Puma’s two performance technologies: the NRGY beads (which have popped up in other models recently) for instant cushioning and their Ignite foam which has delivered great responsiveness and energy return since being first introduced to in the Ignite series.

To achieve a notable lockdown, the runner also includes a midfoot wrap-up, which keeps your foot in place during runs. The lockdown is noticeable and turns and angle changes feel comfortable and dynamic without hampering your comfortability.

Using Puma’s high rebound EVA foam in its design, the shoe feels a lot lighter than some other options on the market, despite its wider sole and larger heel counter, which, speaking of, provides some stability while on the track or street.

In terms of traction, the Puma Hybrid Ozone is made purely for running, with a very minimal traction pattern on the bottom, allowing you to keep moving forward with very little drag or disruptions when grazing surfaces on the go.

While Puma’s Hybrid Ozone may not be the most dazzling of running shoes from a design perspective, but they’re reliable, dynamic, and provide a classic running shoe experience, with all the boosts that modern rubber and foam technology can provide. If you’re looking for a solid running shoe that’s robust to handle the beating the South African roads can deliver, these are a great choice.

The Puma Hybrid Ozone running shoes are available at selected retailers for R1,699. Find the best price for them here.

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