Puma Future 19.1 Netfit Boots Review – Puma Unleashes a Big Player for 2019

Is Puma’s bold new boot the right fit for you?

Puma has been making waves with its Netfit technology in its football boots for a few seasons now, with the iconic Leaping Cat brand is bringing something new to the table to differentiate itself from the likes of Nike and Adidas.

Puma has been revisiting traditional leather as well as synthetics with the Netfit technology, but their most radical advancement to date is visible with the Puma Future 19.1 boots, which live up to their namesake.

Firstly, and most evidently, they’re striking. There’s more orange on them than a Fruit & Veg City delivery truck, making their launch colourway a bright and bold introduction, with accents of blue in the Puma logo and sole-plate featuring a blue and black print to add some variation.

The uppers themselves feature Puma’s trademark Netfit system, giving you a number of holes for various lacing configurations – whether you want more lockdown, a looser toe-box area, or just a snugger fit all-round. This really makes the 19.1s feel like a customisable tool for your feet, rather than a ‘take it or leave it’ boot option.

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In addition to the great fit, the boots feel luxurious and sock-like thanks to the soft material of the uppers, giving you a plush and comforted feel on the pitch, rather than a plastic-stiffness that some other synthetics offer, especially around the heel and ankle area.

For the R3,299 price-point, you have to ask yourself: are these the right boots for me to invest in? And the answer is yes, if of course your budget is in line with the price-tag and you’re willing to invest in some elite-level boots. Puma’s Future 19.1 Netfit is the most versatile boot on the market right now, giving you an unprecedented level of control and customisation where you likely won’t find elsewhere.

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