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Puma’s Customisable Lacing System Comes to their Football Boots

FUTURE Launch Edition Low 010

Puma unleashes its Netfit Future 18.1 football boots!

Football boots have been undergoing quite the revolution in the last few years, with a number of companies pouring a lot of time and money into R&D developments to evolve football boot technology.

Puma is one of those companies, and they’ve recently launched their Netfit lacing system for their running shoes, and the innovative feature will now be making an appearance on the Future 18.1 Netfit boot, soon to be on the feet of none other than Atletico Madrid talisman Antoine Griezmann.

Customisability is an important aspect for footballers when it comes to their boots, but it’s often unavailable for the general consumer, but Puma’s Netfit system aims to bring professional levels of personalisation to every consumer.

So, how does it work?

The knitted mesh material of the Netfit cage effectively allows players to lace their boots in idiosyncratic ways that best suits each individual’s foot and support needs. As shown in the template below, there are specific lacing setups depending on what you want to achieve, whether it’s heel support, increased stability, or individuals with wide or narrow feet.

Additionally, the Future silo of Puma’s boots are aimed not only at allowing wearers more custom fits, but also at being as light on their feet as possible by incorporating a lightweight and responsive outsole as well as a lightweight synthetic upper.

So if speed is your game and you’ve been looking for a new boot to give a shot, the Puma Future might be right up your alley! The Puma Future 18.1 boot silo will arrive in South Africa in 2018.

Check out more on the Puma Netfit Future 18.1 below:

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