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Adidas Launches Comfort-Focused Supernova 2 Running Shoe: SA Price Revealed

Adidas introduces an entry-level running shoe to appease more casual runners.




Adidas has launched its latest running silo of the Supernova line, the Supernova 2, offering a more comfortable and padded experience that should appeal to runners looking for an easier and pain-free run.

The philosophy of the new Adidas Supernova 2 model is to encourage new runners to embrace their comfort zones rather than push beyond them, and fall in love with running all over again.

“For years, people have advocated the “no pain no gain” philosophy when it comes to training, and that progress can only come from breaking out of your comfort zone” said Dr. Stephen Seiler, professor of sport science at the University of Agder. “But carefully studying the best runners in the world has taught us that running in your comfort zone should be an essential part of endurance training, whether you’re an elite athlete or complete beginner. Running at this low, easy intensity is essential for making exercise a sustainable habit, achieving consistency and longevity in endurance training, and finding the joy in running.”

The Supernova is therefore aimed at entry-level runners, with key features such as a balanced mix of bounce and boost in the midsole for a more all-round experience, a new padded tongue and heel construction for greater comfort, and a direct-injected TPU outsole for grip on any terrain.

The Adidas Supernova 2 not only incorporates advancements in technology and comfort, but also in sustainability. The new product has a 12% lower carbon footprint for the female version and 10% lower carbon footprint for the male version compared to a previous model, marking the first time that Adidas has created an entry-level product with such a low carbon footprint at scale. 

The new Adidas Supernova is priced at R1,999 and available at Adidas retail stores, online via Adidas’ website in the ‘solar green’ colourway for men.

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