Adidas Copa Sense Unveiled: Price, Details

Adidas Copa Sense (1)

The modern Copa gets a revamp for 2021!

Adidas’ Copa range is arguably one of the most beloved boot lines in history, but while Adidas is preserving the heritage with the sought-after Copa Mundial model, the new Copa is seeing on-going changes in order to roll with the times.

Last year’s Copa 20 was a stellar boot that brought the best of new and old together, and to follow it up, Adidas has unveiled the Copa Sense, featuring a brand-new take on what a Copa is all about.

The focus on the Copa Sense is about one thing: touch. Designed from the inside out using anatomical insights on the human foot, the Copa Sense features new Adidas design innovations, Sensepods, Touchpods and Softstuds to deliver an enhanced feel and optimum touch for the wearer.

Starting with a detailed examination of the intricate workings of the human foot, the team at Adidas mapped a variety of different sole shapes, to understand where the foot connected most with the ball. This led to the creation of precisely-placed Sensepods, a new innovation designed to minimize and eliminate the negative space found around the ankle and achilles. Foam elements are anatomically placed within the inside of the heel, filling this space to create a seamless connection between boot and foot.

The second innovation within the new Copa Sense are Touchpods, placed on both the medial and lateral sides of the boot. These are designed to absorb impact energy off the ball at the points of the boot where connection with the ball most often occurs.

Copa Sense also introduces Softstuds. Two medial forefoot studs are injected with a softer material, so they bend upon impact with the ball.

The classic-look upper features Fusionskin, a material that moulds to the shape of the foot. Made from a material which seamlessly fuses leather and Primeknit Fusion Skin also reduces the water absorption rate and improves flexibility.

Finally, the collar shape of the Copa Sense is slightly rotated and opened to the lateral side to follow the shape of the ankle. This has been engineered in a way to provide an anatomical fit, allowing the boot to stretch with the respective foot shape, made possible thanks to a soft elasticated material used in the construction process.

The Copa Sense will be worn by some of the world’s best players including Paulo Dybala, Melanie Leupolz, Jude Bellingham and Martina Rosucci.

The laceless Copa Sense+ retails for R4,699, and the laced Copa Sense.1 is priced at R3,499. There are takedown models available too at various price-points. They are available online at and selected retailers from 23 February 2021.

Copa Sense+ and Copa .1

The laceless Copa Sense+ (left) and laced Copa Sense .1 (right).

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