X-Gamer Supplements for Gamers Launch in SA, Here’s Our Verdict

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Could coffee be on the ropes?

As relaxing as a good gaming session can be, there’s no denying that really concentrating in order to trump that tough boss, excel in that clan match, or hone your e-sports skills can be taxing. Instead of throwing back mugs and mugs of coffee, or eating unhealthily, there is another option on the market aimed specifically at gamers.

X-Gamer is an energy supplement brand from Sweden which has recently launched in South Africa, and brings an alternative source for gamers to get a prolonged, controlled stint of concentration, rather than an immediate kick that could leave users buzzing.

Instead if a shake or fizzy energy drink that you’d find on most store shelves, X-Gamer is a non-carbonated, powdered energy drink, which contains a 27 Multi-Vitamin Complex to help shield your body, Nootropic Amino’s to sharpen the mind and with no added sugar, it contains only 31Kcals per 500ml serving.

Because the team at X-Gamer know that there’s a need for prolonged energy release, the goal of X-Gamer is to provide a well-balanced energy increase, rather than a sudden surge. There’s a definite feeling of heightened awareness one gets from taking it, similar to that of a very subtle kick off coffee, although it’s subtlety is its key to its effectiveness. This is because you don’t feel a abrupt crash after using it – it gradually leaves you feeling ‘normal’ in terms of your brain functionality, without any drowsiness, hazy feeling, and (which happens quite often) a headache once would get from throwing back a few coffees or energy drinks.

And, the cherry on top is that the flavours are actually enjoyable to drink. That bitter aftertaste often found on energy drinks isn’t present, and you’re left with more of a fruit-flavoured juice which isn’t harsh to sip or overwhelming to have with some accompanying snacks.

There are three variations in the X-Gamer line-up, including the 0.75kg Tubz priced at R499 (which will do about 30 servings), Shotz for R20 each (which will make one serviing), or a Shaker and 6-shots bundle for R199. They’re all available on Takealot.

Of course, the X-Gamer products won’t make you a better gamer (that’s a given), but they’re a really great alternative to those late-night gamers who want to avoid an espresso before bed, throwing down too many cups of coffee, or that streamer or eSports gamer looking to concentrate a little more before or during that big event.

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