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The Quarry: 5 Reasons to be Excited for 2022’s Most Ambitious Horror Game

Horror meets cinematic sheen in The Quarry, coming to consoles and PC.

Jeremy Proome



2022 is set to get a whole lot freakier when The Quarry launches on 10 June. Developed by Supermassive Games, The Quarry is essentially a playable horror movie, following nine young camp counselors who must survive a night at Hackett’s Quarry in Upstate New York while being hunted by bloodthirsty locals and a creature much more sinister. Here’s what you need to know about The Quarry:

The Quarry is essentially The Avengers of horror history’s who’s-who

Supermassive Games’ love for horror classics is clearly present throughout all their games, but The Quarry pays homage to the best of the best, with the cast featuring a host of well-known actors celebrated for their roles in horror movies. Not only do you get David Arquette (Scream), Grace Zabriskie Child’s Play, The Grudge) and Lin Shaye from The Conjuring franchise, but Lance Henriksen (Alien vs Predator, Aliens) and Ted Raimi (The Evil Dead) also play notable roles.

Of course, you also get a cast of young talented actors too (ripe for being picked off) including the likes of Siobhan Williams, Ariel Winter, Miles Robbins, Halston Sage, Zach Tinker, Brenda Song, Skyler Gisondo, and Evan Evagora, among others.

There are a lot of endings to see

186 endings, to be exact. No, that’s not a typo: one-hundred-and-eighty-six. Every choice you make, characters you manage to keep alive, and the dialogue decisions you make will steer the outcome of the game, which provides a lot of replayability. Of course, with over 180 endings available, these can range from drastic changes, such as characters being alive or dead, to slight permutations, such as an additional line of dialogue or item change.

It’s a spiritual sequel to Until Dawn

Supermassive Games has been releasing a few games over the years which also fall under the narrative-story-driven horror genre, but have dabbled in some other settings and topics. The Quarry truly is a return to the teen-slasher/supernatural horror milieu of Until Dawn, which was arguably the studio’s best entry to date. The larger cast, gorgeous visuals, scarier setting, and slightly tongue-in-cheek atmosphere of the game sets it up to be another classic.

Far more dynamic gameplay

The Quarry will be a whole lot more than picking a choice and watching, as gameplay actions come in many forms. You’ll have to react to unexpected Quick Time Events and split-second decision prompts, shape your counselor’s personality with dialogue choices, and even leverage a good ol’ fashioned shotgun when the need arises. No matter how you choose to engage with these mechanics in the moment, your path will continue to develop. There is no “Game Over” here—your story progresses whether you succeed, screw up, or are simply indecisive.

Misery loves company

With The Quarry‘s couch co-op mode, you and up to seven friends can experience the horror together. Each player is assigned to play as one or more counselors, with one controller passed around the group each time a different counselor becomes the current playable character. Whether you decide to work together or suddenly swerve the story in a new direction is up to you.

The online multiplayer of The Quarry functions differently from the local co-op play. In this invite-only mode, a host can invite up to seven friends with access to the game to watch along. While the host plays, the audience votes on each key decision, with the majority vote determining the outcome.

The Quarry launches on Xbox Series X, PS5, Xbox One, PS4, and PC on 10 June 2022. You can pre-order your copy here.

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