The Hallmarks of the Longest-Running Game Franchises

Discover more about the defining features of any game franchise that has proven itself capable of outlasting the changing tides of the industry.

Gaming trends come and go. It is the nature of the industry – one that is being relentlessly driven forward by massive investments – both in terms of time, and creativity – into its development. Very little remains static for long, and, whether you are a devoted gamer or still consider yourself to be more of a casual ‘dabbler’, it is unlikely that you have remained unaware of the industry’s remarkable propensity to move forward at lightning speed.

In spite of this forward thrust, however, there remain plenty of long-lasting trends and favourites among committed gamers that are able to withstand the tests of time and progress, to maintain their status at the very heart of the world of gaming.

Keeping Up with Fans

As with any new trend, title or genre, its emergence onto the scene is led by the developers themselves. They introduce players to new worlds and methods of gameplay and, if successful, the gamers will follow them willingly.

For those that make the most considerable impact on the market, however, there comes a time when the torch is effectively passed to the gamers themselves, and it becomes the task of the developers to keep up with the player’s demands and interests.

Take, for instance, the world of online casino, which has enjoyed remarkable success for decades – almost as long as the internet as been in existence. Developers are working tirelessly to solidify their status as South Africa’s top online casino site, and they manage this by developing a keen eye for what their committed players want from them.

It is no good to forget the player. The more value a game holds among players, the harder developers need to work to continue to appeal to an ever more discerning audience.

Keeping up with Technology

Consider the recent remake of Final Fantasy VII. The franchise has experienced near-unprecedented success for more than twenty years, and new editions are still being created – and yet, developers decided to venture back into the archives and republish an older title for modern gamers.

Gameplay capabilities progress rapidly. Just last month, we enjoyed announcements for not one, but two new consoles that seek to bring the industry into a new era. And while devout fans of the Final Fantasy series will forever hold the older titles close to their hearts, developers understood that the best way to ensure a lasting connection was to bring the series forward to fit with the latest technologies for enhancing gameplay.

With the industry moving forward so rapidly, any gamer who ventures just a few years into the past will notice considerable differences. Older titles – particularly those that played a pivotal role in the success of a series – need to be brought back to the forefront in order to realise their full potential.

Keeping Up with Industry Trends

The term ‘backwards compatibility’ is something of a buzz word at the moment. Both Sony and Microsoft have made big promises to their users about the capabilities of the latest consoles, and enabling backwards compatibility ensures that those pivotal titles will not be lost to obscurity, and that the longest-running game franchises are able to continue their legacy well into the future.

While some of the most committed gamers will hold onto their older consoles for a readily-available hit of nostalgia, the vast majority of us will move forward with the industry itself, and, without the ability to venture back whenever we feel like it, those franchises that brought us to the level we stand at today will be lost.

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