Rugby Challenge 4: Here’s When You’ll Get to Try the Upcoming Xbox One, PS4, & PC Release

Rugby Challenge 4 header image Springboks England

Rugby Challenge 4 will get an ‘Early Access’ release sooner than you think!

Amongst all the big-name titles releasing in 2020, Rugby Challenge 4 is one of the most anticipated games around given the fact that rugby fans have been starved of a series release since 2016.

However, while we’ve had a few updates in the form of player models and a short teaser, a release date has proven elusive. That said, Wicked Witch and Tru Blu have announced via the official Facebook page that Rugby Challenge 4 will be getting an ‘Early Access’ release by the end of July.

There are no specific  details what this ‘Early Access’ entails, but it’s likely that this means those who pre-order Rugby Challenge 4 will get access to a beta version of the game, which will then be updated with player-feedback until a final release later in 2020.

At the end of last year the game was delayed from its initial December 2019 release to a yet-to-be-announced date in 2020.

As for what we do know, Rugby Challenge 4, will include some new features and enhanced gameplay from the previous release, including improved solo and multiplayer modes, a Create a Pro mode which will allow players to climb through the ranks, and a revamped Career Mode.

New visual effects ranging from dynamic lighting, weather and field wear have also been included, and set-plays will make an appearance for the first-time in the franchise, allowing players to choose from a variety of tactics for added strategy on the field.

Sidhe has confirmed that 300 licensed players will feature in the game, with photorealistic likenesses from over 25 licensed teams.

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