New Rugby Game Teased by World Rugby

Rugby World Cup 2011 game

It appears that the incoming rugby title will feature the RWC license!

It’s now known that a new rugby game is coming this year in time for the Rugby World Cup, but whether it will specifically be a World Cup game is yet to be confirmed. However, World Rugby has teased a new game themselves, creating suspicion that Big Ben Interactive’s upcoming release will feature the official Rugby World Cup license.

Posted on the official World Rugby Twitter account, the tweet confirmed that a new game is in fact coming, and asked followers who they think should be on the cover.

This cover is obviously a placeholder, but the tweet does inadvertently confirm that the incoming title is a Rugby World Cup game, otherwise World Rugby would not post anything on it for licensing reasons. This either guarantees that Big Ben Interactive’s upcoming release will have the RWC license, or they’re not referring to Big Ben’s announcement, meaning that a second rugby game is on the way.

Hints of a new rugby game in development first emerged when Eko Software producer Jean-Georges Levieux tweeted a photo of a rugby ball and motion capture studio, with the caption “Here we go!”.

No release date has been given for the new title, but with the Rugby World Cup kicking-off on 20 September, it’s safe to expect the game to arrive a few weeks prior to then.

Keep your eyes on MenStuff for more Rugby World Cup video game news as it emerges.

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