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Games of July 2021: 5 Biggest Releases You Need to Play

Which games should you have on your radar this July?

Jeremy Proome



2021 has had no shortage of great games, but as the second half of the year rolls on, we’re in for a whole lot more gaming goodness with a number of notable releases and smaller titles too. Looking ahead to what’s on the horizon, here are the 5 must-play games of July 2021:

F1 2021

Release date: 16 July 2021 (Xbox Series X/S | PS5 | Xbox One | PS4 | PC)

The F1 series has been given a boost thanks to the return of EA as its publisher after a number of years. Furthermore, the latest entry features a handful of new additions and changes that fans will love. As the official game of the 2021 Formula One and Formula 2 Championships, the game also now features a story mode (much like that of FIFA‘s ‘The Journey’ ) and new circuits including Imola, Portimão and the calendar newcomer Jeddah. The following iconic drivers have also been confirmed to be available for selection in the My Team mode: Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, Michael Schumacher, Nico Rosberg, Jenson Button, David Coulthard, and Felipe Massa.

Death’s Door

Release date: 20 July 2021 (Xbox Series X/S | Xbox One | PC)

A fascinating inside game releasing this July is Death’s Door. Players take control of a crow who is a collector of souls for Death himself, but when a soul is stolen, it’s up to the crow to track it down. The game is an isometric action-RPG with some fun hack-‘n-slash combat, magic abilities, and long-range options that fans of Diablo will appreciate. The art style is fantastic and the story has a dark, humorous spin to it, so we’re excited to see more of Death’s Door.

The Ascent

Release date: 29 July 2021 (Xbox Series X/S | Xbox One | PC)

Twin-stick shooter fans will want to look out for The Ascent. This glorious-looking cyberpunk team shooter features all the great frenetic action you could expect from a game in its genre, but with stellar visuals, an interesting cover-mechanic, loot system, and story. The player can fully customise their character’s appearance and augment their character with cyberware upgrades to get new skills and abilities; and you can play through the game in solo, local co-op, or online.

Little Devil Inside

Release date: July 2021 (PS5 | Xbox One | PS4 | PC | Switch)

One of the most unique-looking games arriving in July 2021 is Little Devil Inside. Featuring a beautiful minimal art-style, Little Devil Inside is a 3D action-adventure RPG, where you are thrown into a surreal but somewhat familiar setting where humans and monsters exist. To study these creatures, you have to explore, learn, and hunt these monsters, but while there is some exciting combat, the game is not just about killing arch-demons and saving the world. This is a game that tells stories about people with ‘unusual’ jobs, such as hunting monsters, and what happens in their everyday life doing so.


Release date: 28 July 2021 (PC | To be released later on: Xbox Series X/S | PS5 | Xbox One | PS4)

While a tragedic incident in history, the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster makes for an interesting setting for any game, and Chernobylite takes a horror-FPS spin that fans of Stalker and Metro fans should look out for. The player plays as a physicist, formerly employed at Chernobyl Nuclear Plant who is suffering from the loss of their loved one in the Chernobyl Disaster 30 years ago and returns to the disaster zone to look for their partner. Most of the single-player gameplay revolves around exploring the exclusion zone, gathering supplies and tools while encountering ‘Stalkers’ and hostile military personnel. The player is also forced to make decisions that affect the nonlinear storyline. There is also a crafting system, which allows the player to craft their own equipment and weapons.

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