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3 Big Game Releases in SA this Week

Sucker-punches, speed, & sliding! Here’s what you need to know about the games releasing in SA this week!




Because of all the craziness surrounding E3 2017 this week, there aren’t many games coming out and attempting to battle the spotlight of all the new announcements. That said, there a few titles that racing enthusiasts and those looking to throw some punches will appreciate.


Release date: 16 June 2017 (Switch)

Nintendo’s upcoming limb-centric fighting game Arms is shaping up to be an entertaining competitive experience for the Switch. Developed by the team behind the Mario Kart franchise, Arms takes full advantage of the Switch’s motion controls, giving you the chance to throw massive punches, jabs, and blocks using the full force and extent of your own appendages. The fact that Arms‘ characters and environments are infectiously vibrant and cheery doesn’t hurt either.

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MotoGP 17

Release date: 15 June 2017 (PC, Xbox One, PS4)

If you’re looking for some two-wheeled speed this week, the 2017 edition of the official MotoGP game arrives in style, bringing all the adrenaline and intricacies of the sport with it. The title will include all the 2017 riders, teams and tracks; the new rules and the Red Bull Rookies Cup championship. This edition will reach 60 FPS for the first time, capturing the blistering pace of the MotoGP. All this will be made possible thanks to the Milestone developers’ experience and skills, developed over 20 years of dedicated work to racing.

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Cars 3: Driven to Win

Release date: 14 June 2017 (PC, Xbox One, PS4, Switch, Xbox 360, PS3, Switch)

Look, it’s a kid’s game, but if you’re in the market for a wacky kart-racer-type experience, Cars 3: Driven to might fill that void. Cars 3: Driven to Win picks up after the movie’s “final big race,” extending the story and taking players “through a high-speed competition.” There are over 20 customizable characters from the Cars franchise, as well as “iconic settings” like Radiator Springs and the Florida International Speedway. Local, split-screen multiplayer is also part of the upcoming game, so players can cooperate or compete at home on the couch together, which is somewhat rare these days.

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