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WATCH: Football’s Biggest Stars Comment on their FIFA 18 Ratings

What do the world’s best players think of their FIFA ratings?

Jeremy Proome



FIFA 18 Ronaldo

If I had my own FIFA rating, it would probably be in the low 20s (maybe a mid-30s, thinking about it); but that’s not a problem the world’s best footballers have – they’re all questioning why theirs aren’t in the 90s or 100s.

Ahead of FIFA 18’s launch later this month, EA Sports has released a short yet pretty unique video showcasing the likes of Ronaldo, Antoine Griezmann, Thomas Müller, and Dele Alli reacting to their FIFA ratings.

It’s pretty funny, and some of the football divas even get a grilling via the loyal critics on Twitter.

As a bonus, you can check out the Top 100 ranked players in FIFA 18.

Check it out below:

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