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Far Cry 6 — Where’s the Cheapest Price in SA?

We scour the local online and physical retailers to find the best deal on Far Cry 6!

Jeremy Proome



It’s been a long time coming, but Far Cry 6 is almost upon us, gearing up to release hit stores on 7 October 2021, but before you excitedly grab the first copy you see, we’ve rounded up the very best prices available to South Africans who can’t wait to dive into another tyrant-overthrowing adventure from Ubisoft.

Firstly, there are three editions: Standard, Gold, and Ultimate. The Standard Edition features the base game, the Gold edition includes the base game and season pass for the incoming DLC, and the Ultimate Edition includes the game, Season Pass, and some exclusive extras, such as additional weapons and outfits.

Where can you buy Far Cry 6 from?

The below pre-order prices are for the standard edition of Far Cry 6:

  • Playstation Store (digital) – PS5: R1,199 | PS4: R1,199
  • Xbox Marketplace (digital) – Xbox Series X/S: R1,199 | Xbox One: R1,199
  • Epic Games Store (digital) – PC: 999
  • Koodoo – Xbox Series X/S: R1,099 | PS5: R1,099 | Xbox One: R1,099 | PS4: R1,099
  • Game4U – Xbox Series X/S: R999 | PS5: R999 | Xbox One: R999 | PS4: R999
  • Pwned Games – Xbox Series X/S: R1,140 | PS5: R1,140 | Xbox One: R1,140 | PS4: R1,140
  • BT Games – Xbox Series X/S: R1,099 | PS5: R1,099 | Xbox One: R1,099 | PS4: R1,099
  • ZAPA Gaming – Xbox Series X/S: R1,199.95 | PS5: R1,199.95 | Xbox One: R1,199.95 | PS4: R1,199.95
  • Nexus Hub – Xbox Series X/S: R1,280 | PS5: R1,280 | Xbox One: R1,280 | PS4: R1,280
  • Raru – Xbox Series X/S: R1,149 | PS5: R1,149 | Xbox One: R1,149 | PS4: R1,149
  • Takealot – Xbox Series X/S: R1,199 | PS5: R1,199 | Xbox One: R1,199 | PS4: R1,199
  • Loot – Xbox Series X/S: R1,099 | PS5: R1,099 | Xbox One: R1,099 | PS4: R1,099

Game4U is offering the best price for Game4U on Xbox Series X/S, PS5, Xbox One, and PS4 versions. Of course, take into account delivery costs for your respective city when making your decision.

Far Cry 6 launches on 7 October 2021 on Xbox Series X|S, PS5, Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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