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5 Hottest Game Releases of February 2022

Check out the must-play games of February 2022!

Jeremy Proome



February marks a host of exciting game releases that have been delayed time and time again, but thankfully, the new month brings these long-awaited sequels to consoles and PCs, along with some jaw-dropping new titles that are sure to pique your interest.

Dying Light 2

Release date: 2 February 2022 (Xbox Series X/S | PS5 | Xbox One | PS4 | PC)

After numerous delays, the open-world zombie-survival parkour game Dying Light 2 will see its release in February. The first game was a breakout success for Techland, and the sequel looks to improve upon the first-person traversal mechanics, combat, and story, with players being tasked with teaming up (or taking down) rival factions across the sprawling city. Of course, there will be more treacherous undead abominations to deal with throughout the adventure too.


Release date: 8 February 2022 (PS5 | PS4 | PC)

One of the most interesting (and unsung) games coming our way in 2022 is Sifu, a hand-to-hand kung fu combat game where you age the more you’re defeated. Destructible environments, slick melee fighting, and some gorgeous visuals should bump this up on your wishlist.


Release date: 10 February 2022 (Xbox Series X/S | Xbox One)

From Remedy, who brought us the original Max Payne and the weirdly brilliant Control, comes CrossfireX. Now, some might be familiar with Crossfire, as the game is actually a multiplayer shooter which has been around for the past couple of years, but Remedy has now built a brand-new single-player campaign for the game, and it looks spectacular with slow-motion gunplay and bombastic set-pieces. Taking control of a number of different characters in a private military force, you’re exposed to a world of espionage and secret conflicts, but like many other Remedy games, there’s more than meets the eye in CrossfireX, as there are some unusual happenings in the world of CrossfireX.

Horizon: Forbidden West

Release date: 18 February 2022 (PS5 | PS4)

Guerilla Games are set to release a sequel to their 2017 super-hit Horizon: Zero Dawn, which will pick up on Aloy’s story as she continues to resurrect a derelict Earth following a cataclysmic event. Expect more robot-dinosaur hunting, a massive open-world, and new gameplay mechanics.

Elden Ring

Release date: 25 February 2022 (Xbox Series X/S | PS5 | Xbox One | PS4 | PC)

The team behind the beloved Dark Souls and Bloodborne series has joined forces with Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin for a new game called Elden Ring, a large open-world action RPG. The game has a very similar aesthetic and design to previous From Software games, featuring technical combat, fantastical beasts, and high fantasy themes. You’ll be able to traverse the world on foot or on horseback, and have the ability to play alone or link up online with other players too.

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