3 Big Games Releases This Week

game releases in SA Oct 6

Grip that torch tightly, buckle-up, and stretch those hammies, as there are some epic game releases coming to South African gamers this week.

This week, gaming enthusiasts get a dream line-up of releases to scratch all types of itches – horror, racing and sport, with Alien: Isolation, Driveclub and NBA 2K15 hitting South African store shelves.

Alien Isolation
7 October (PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Returning to scare the living hell out of you is the Alien franchise. This time however the game is not a shooter or high-octane action romp, but rather a sneak-’em-up survival horror where you play Amanda, the daughter of Ellen Ripley from the film series.

Alien: Isolation features only one Alien throughout its duration that cannot be killed, requiring the player to use stealth tactics in order to survive. Although the game features some weapons, they will be effective only against the human occupants and android “Working Joes”.

Alien Isolation screenshot

NBA 2K15
10 October (Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, PS3)

Everyone’s favourite basketball sim squeaks back onto the court this season with some new enhancements and features to rope in newcomers and please hardcore fans.

Not only can you create yourself as a character in the game, but using a camera designed for use with a PlayStation 4 or XBox One will allow users to scan their own faces to make a scarily accurate representation of themselves.

The customization continues with MyLeague and MyGM modes. Users are able to to fully customize rosters, season length, postseason length, salary cap, trade, draft and injury settings—and much more.

NBA 2K15 screenshot

10 October (PS4)

Sony already has a number of powerhouse driving games on its platform, but a new contender is entering the track.

Coming from the team behind the much-loved MotorStorm franchise, Driveclub is a PS4 exclusive that will focus on road racing rather than off-road racing. Players will make clubs of up to 6 players and complete challenges together to earn fame. Every team member’s action will contribute to the club’s overall success.

The game’s tracks and environments are inspired by real places in diverse regions across the globe. Driveclub also features dynamic weather such as rain and snow, and a day-night cycle.

Driveclub screenshot

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