Top 5 iPhone 8 Accessories to Pick Up

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If you’re getting an iPhone 8, you’re going to need the add-ons to take your new device to the next level.

The iPhone 8 is heading to our shores shortly, and the best thing to do when getting a new phone is to grab some helpful accessories to go along with it. From practical to fun, we’re going to countdown the top 5 accessories to consider when you get your paws on an iPhone 8!

weFix Screen Protector

The first thing to do as soon as a new phone comes out of a box: pop a screen protector on it. These are usually shock absorbent and flexible ‘second screens’ you lay over the top of your phone’s display, and should you have the misfortune of accidentally dropping your phone and toe-punting it across the room in a feeble attempt to save it, the screen protector will take the brunt of the force and keep your phone’s screen nice and safe.

weFix screen protector – R199

Romoss Rocket Pro Car Charger

Heavy usage regularly results in modern smartphones requiring a midday charge, so having a way to recharge your phone’s battery on the go is often useful. This car charger plugs straight into your car’s built-in lighter and features QC3 technology, a quick charge component that drastically speeds up how fast your phone charges back up. They claim a ‘5 for 5’ charge principle – 5 hours of charge for 5 minutes of charge, so you don’t need to spend an eternity waiting for your device to be available and untethered again.

Romoss Rocket Pro Car Charger – R169

Houdt Cherrywood Case

If you like the idea of having a layer between your phone and the environment, but don’t like the idea of generic plastics or metals, a stylish wooden case might be more up your alley. This medium brown Houdt item is the plain Cherrywood case with a smooth finish and grain, but there are a few other options that provide a more modern twist on the wooden case, like a split between gold aluminium and a deep walnut wood.

And what’s great is that iPhone 7 cases will fit the iPhone 8, so there’s already a whole selection of great cases to choose from.

Houdt Cherrywood Case – R449

weFix Active Cover

Since the iPhone 8 shifts away from the aluminium body and replaces the back of the phone casing with a durable glass, getting a cover is basically a prerequisite, not an option. While the glass is reinforced and suggested to be highly durable, it isn’t going to survive severe drops, so unless you want to the back of your phone to look like an abstract art piece after a serious fall, a case is a decent idea.

weFix iPhone 7 Active Cover – R299


Romoss ENCASE 7 Power Bank Case

If you’re pretty much constantly on your phone and run through battery life like Usain Bolt runs out of records to break, this power bank case is probably the accessory for you. Besides offering all the protective benefits of a case, the shell also features an additional 2800mAh battery, which essentially doubles the battery lifespan you’ll get out of your iPhone. It even has a magnetic back so you can easily mount it to a car mount holder or a desk stand to keep it up straight.

Romoss ENCASE 7 Power Bank Case – R469

And, if you’re in need of some smartphone repairs, get in touch with the trustworthy guys in town, WeFix. Check out the weFix online store and Tweet them @weFix to say hi!weFixLogo

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