Top 5 Apps for Varsity Students

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Which apps will help hitting the books during study-time an easier experience?

It’s getting to that time of year where students need to start cracking out the six-packs of Red Bull and calling classmates to track down all those notes they forgot to take. Before going into a hysterical, panic-induced frenzy, though, have a look at our top 5 apps that could make your campus and studying life a little bit easier.


It isn’t always possible to learn and retain information optimally in lectures. Rather than letting important details slip in one ear and out the other, having the the lecture recorded is a pretty good idea. SoundNote is a great app that allows you to combine a notepad feature with audio recording, so you can not only record the lecture you’re in, but also add notes to it on-the-fly. You can even make small sketches or diagrams if you need to represent something graphically.

Download: iOS

My Class Schedule (Android)/ Class Timetable (iOS)

Setting up good time-keeping and lecture schedule habits is worth it in the long-run, and is definitely something undergrads should get into as soon as possible. Both these apps feature user-friendly spreadsheet style layouts that let you punch in your lectures and create a manageable timetable, so that you can keep track of where you need to be and when. It also lets you add events so that you can plan ahead for assignments, tests, and exams that are coming up. It’s a bit of groundwork to get into, but once you’ve got scheduling down, it’ll make planning your university activities a lot easier.

Download My Class Schedule: Android

Download Class Timetable: iOS


Is there anything more soul-destroying that having to set up a reference list or bibliography after grinding through a long essay or assignment? We didn’t think so. EasyBib is a little miracle app that creates a reference for any book simply by scanning its barcode. Since referencing guides vary depending on where you study, the app even let’s you select from MLA, APA or Chicago-style referencing so all you need to do is scan a textbook’s bar code and it’ll spit out the correctly configured reference for you!

Download: Android | iOS

Circle of 6

Varsity life isn’t only about being nose-deep in textbooks, thankfully. A lot of the time you’re going to be out and about for evening drinks or heading to a friend’s place. This rather unique app is aimed at keeping you safe and your friends informed of your whereabouts without being too intrusive or clunky to use. By choosing a set of six people, the app allows you to instantly communicate simple messages to them at the touch of a button. It’ll help you locate friends on a night out, let someone know if you need to chat to them, or send your GPS signal to your selected group if you find yourself in an emergency. It’s a great way to stay safe both on and off campus.

Download: Android | iOS


Are you one of those people that snoozes your phone alarm around twenty times and ends up missing your lectures consistently? Download Alarmy and see if you can still just bury yourself under the blankets. Rather than just allowing you to switch your alarm off with the tap of a button, Alarmy requires you to complete small tasks before the alarm will shut off. So, whether it’s shaking the phone around for a while or taking a photo of a specific object, you’re not going to be able to just doze off again. It’ll even give you a weather update so that you know what to look for in the cupboard before you head out to that wonderful 8AM lecture.

Download: Android | iOS

So whether capturing notes, missing lectures or an annoying inability to drag yourself out of bed is busy hampering your varsity career, check out some of these apps and hopefully they can get you back on track!

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