Help the Environment by Repairing Instead of Replacing with WeFix

Phone Waste

weFix takes a stand against wastage by pledging a second life for damaged devices!

Recycling and green initiatives are fortunately becoming more and more prevalent, with most recycling and environmental initiatives regarding agriculture, water or natural resources growing rapidly.

With that said, the notion and concern of electronic waste is a growing one due to how many electronic devices the average person goes through over time. We replace our smartphones, tablets, laptops, gaming devices, and most other consumer electronics almost periodically. Those devices either lie and gather dust in our houses, or get added to the already overflowing amount of garbage we put out.

A better approach to electronic recycling is to repair a device rather than throwing it out and getting a new one. Beyond the idea making practical sense (because it decreases the amount of waste devices going into landfills), it’s also a more financially-sound decision since replacing broken components is often cheaper than getting a brand new phone – and often one that has very similar specs to a reparable phone.

WeFix has put a lot of focus on this initiative, and to tie in with Mobile Recycling Day this week, they’re running a promotion between the 24th and 28th of January, where they’ll be providing a 20% discount off all screen repairs on phones and tablets.

Additionally, they’ll be putting recycling bins in all their stores where customers can bring old smartphones, tablets, laptops and accessories that will be recycled instead of indiscriminately dumped.

Lovers of nature will appreciate the Houdt specials going down too. Until the 31st of January, any Houdt cover purchased online will include free engraving and shipping. Not only that, but weFix has teamed-up with with Greenpop, who have pledged to plant 1 tree for every 10 Houdt covers sold. Epic.

So, before throwing that broken or older device into the back of your dusty draw, head down to weFix for a repair quote or simply donate your device to weFix’s recycling initiative.

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