DJI Reveal Pocket-Sized Mavic Air Drone

The power of the Mavic at the portion of the size!

The concept of consumer-drones went from being a fantasy to a norm in what feels like no time at all, led in large part by companies like DJI that are constantly innovating and expanding their range of products. While their ‘Phantom’ model is a pricier option aimed more at professionals and enthusiasts, they’ve bolstered their line-up with a few alternatives that are a little easier on the pocket.

The first of those was the Spark, which offered a much simpler and less spec’d out introduction into the world of drone flying. While the Spark might have been a little too barebones for some, the new ‘Mavic Air’ seems like it provides a happy marriage between the affordability of the Spark and the functionality of the professional models like its big brother Mavic and Phantom.

The Air can shoot 4K video, has a 21 minute flight time, a range of nearly 4km, a host of automated flight modes, gesture controls, and a variety of image capture modes that let you pull off things like spherical panoramic shots. Most impressive, though, is that all this tech fits into a package that doesn’t even come close to weighing even a kilogram.

The size and functionality is impressive, but the biggest draw will likely be the amount of features provided for the R15,699 price tag means that the Air punches above its weight. As a hobbyist option the Spark might still be a better option, but the Air gives a good balance to anyone looking for professional function on a bit of a budget.

In their presentation of the Air, DJI emphasised that it’s pocket-sized frame is its biggest asset, and while that may be true consumers will respond best to the impressive functionality at half the price of some of their other models.

Check out all its specs in more detail on DJI’s site and remember that you can pre-order your Mavic Air from weFix’s online store.

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