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Evolve Electric Skateboards Make Their Way to SA

South Africa gets its first Evolve Skateboards store in Cape Town!




Electric skateboards are becoming more and more prevalent on the streets, and if you have a look at the kind of products Evolve Skateboards is putting out, it’s easy to see why.

Evolve, which was founded in Australia back in 2010, has now officially launched in South Africa too, bringing their robust and high-quality electric boards to a new market.

The company’s aim is to produce something that users won’t see as a neat little gimmick to use for the last kilometre home, but rather a viable mode of transportation for daily commuting.

From a performance standpoint, Evolve is confident their boards will out-perform any competitor, giving users the experience of “snowboarding or surfing on land”. Their boards come with a ‘super carve’ custom truck that can be tweaked to fit any riding style, whether it’s longer range speed or shorter range sidewalk surfing.

Evolve’s products range from the Bamboo One board (R12,990) to the Carbon GT Series 2-in-1 (R32,490); so there’s an option for everyone looking to invest in a new way of transport.

By implementing both bamboo and carbon in their board construction, there’s also solid balance between durability and weight, and the versatile approach to truck and wheel customisation means that the user can choose whatever setup suits their preference. The large lithium batteries mean you get a 50km range, and their GT model has even made it up the steepest street in the world – so they’ve got impressive torque to show off.

Evolve Skateboards’ first South African store is located in Victoria Junction, 57 Prestwich Street
Cape Town. They’re clearly a specialist in the field, and to get a better idea of what sets them apart check out their website and have a look their products!

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