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Dream of Being a Robot? Skeletonics Can Help


Sci-fi-inspired exosuits are now a thing!

So, evidently, robotics technology has progressed to the point where large-scale products are available to the public – for better or worse – and in this case, a moderately-sinister but very cool-looking exoskeleton by a company called Skeletonics can now be yours.

An interesting aspect of this exoskeleton’s design is that it doesn’t need motors or batteries to operate, its function is completely mechanical. And while it doesn’t enhance your strength, it does allow for the operator to reach new heights and carry things of a notably bigger size than our puny human hands can handle.

But, with the introduction of these exosuits, one has to ask: how long before professional exoskeleton fighting is a thing? One of these will definitely make it easier for Conor McGregor to throw steel barricades at his opponents…

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