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Need a Home Bar? Honomobo Delivers One Straight to Your Door

Put the tools down! The home bar has been reinvented.

A lot of guys like the idea of a home bar, but finding a ready-made solution can be rather difficult, especially if you want something high-quality.

The team at Honomobo spotted the lack of an easy option too, and decided to create a fix for that problem that doesn’t require an engineering degree to put together.

The company’s deliverable home-bar uses a 8ft x 12ft shipping container shell that has been modified in several ways: it has a flip-up front with a hydraulic lift, non-slip treated floor coating, a 3-foot cedar wood overhang, and Canadian Fir treated butcher-bar counter-top.

The ready-to-go setup will take around a month to have delivered and does cost around $20,000 (over R240,000) – but the convenience of having it pre-made and transportable will quite obviously come at a premium.

Here’s a video showcasing the bar’s features and appearance:

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