Apple Card: 3 Reasons it Might Just Be a Game Changer

What does Apple’s innovative new credit card mean for consumers?

Generally, when people lay plaudits on Apple’s technological advancements, they’re often talking about their phones, laptops, or tablets. Admittedly, their last batch of iPhones were pretty cool, but their latest arrival takes quite the departure from what the company is generally known for and veers into a new arena: financial services. Well, kind of.

They’re releasing their own credit card, and it might just have a few features that’ll convert people to moving their finances to the Apple card rather than through their traditional banks. Here are the three things that make set it apart:

It Looks Pretty Snazzy (and it’s more secure)

Apple’s known for being the zenith of tech aesthetics; they popularised the premium, no-fuss appearance for smartphones, laptops, and tablets, and that same motif has carried over to the Apple Card. Additionally, there are no numbers visible anywhere on it, meaning that there’s little risk of credit card fraud happening due to the lack of physical details being present. The information is actually stored on the iOS wallet app, so in comparison with traditional credit cards, it is genuinely more secure.

Ad-Free Spend Tracking App

One of the coolest aspects of the Apple Card is that the corresponding iOS app can give you a summation of your spending habits. Through a weekly and monthly breakdown, you can keep track of what you’re spending on, and with this information at hand, it theoretically makes it easier for people to adjust their spending trends. More importantly, it’s ad-free and has no distracting frills, just an easy-to-use tracking function to show you where your money is going, and if you don’t like what you see, you know where you need to cut and save.

A Privacy Pledge

Apple guarantees that your spending data won’t be sold on to third parties that can use this information for marketing or promotion purposes. This is quite a bold promise from Apple, but nonetheless an important one in a world that’s becoming more and more concerned about where all our online data is stored and how it’s used. Apple’s claim that they won’t (and never intend to) share your data, and don’t even keep track of it themselves, is an ambitious one, but one that they’ll need to stick to if customers will have confidence in their product. It’s good to see a company have a forthright approach to their customer’s data, we’ll have to see if they stick to it, though.

Since Apple is a tech company they’re adding a bunch of interesting functions to the Apple Card, and although it may take people a while to become comfortable with the idea of having a credit card not linked to their bank, these added perks just might do the trick to convert them.

Would you consider getting the Apple Card instead of using one from your bank? Let us know!

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