A Reminder that These Epic Global Daily Deals are Available to South Africans

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Take advantage of these epic online sales from the USA and ship it to South Africa with no fuss using PostBox Courier.

Sale season is the best season for shoppers to go and fill their baskets up and get the maximum bang for their buck. Sure, waiting can be a bit of a pain when you really want that new pair of jeans or the latest video game, but if you’re willing to be patient, a full-price piece of clothing or electronic gadget can magically multiply into two if you buy at the right time.

With that said, the best place to get stuff on special is often from online retailers – particularly those in North America; you know a country can cut a good deal if they invented the concept of Black Friday. But you don’t need to wait for specific sale events to get good deals, a number of the online retailers have daily and weekly specials that mean getting bargains can happen all the time. Let’s check out the three best US retailers to look up if you want to save when you spend! And remember, Postbox Courier can help you get all those sale items to your front-door in SA!

Best Buy

Best Buy is one of the original electronics titans and has been a household name in the US for decades. Before the advent of online retailing, their stores were the first place to go for kids who wanted the latest console or guys who needed to upgrade their laptops. They’ve got a ‘Deal of the Day’ section where you can pickup dozens of electronics ranging anywhere from 20%-50% off. Some of the deals are crazy! Check out Best Buy’s Deal of the Day here.


Amazon needs no introduction; they’re the e-tailing juggernaut all other online retailers have to try and duke it out with. Whether you want electronics, gardening equipment, clothes, or appliances, there’s pretty much nothing for sale that can’t be found on Amazon. They’ve got their own daily deals that include almost every department they’ve got overstocked items in and need to clear out. Check out Amazon Today deals here.


Walmart is the old-school wholesale store that owned the retailing space before the digital boom – but they’ve progressed with the times and they’ve got a pretty impressive online platform available to consumers, too. Similar to Amazon, they sell pretty much any item you could want and some of their deals go over the 50% discount mark in their Special Buys section, so serious savings are a click away. Check out Walmart’s Special Buys here.

Once upon a time if you saw a online retailer didn’t ship to your location you’d have to sigh in disappointment and find an alternative place to buy from – but that’s a thing of the past. With Postbox Courier (which is FREE to sign-up with) you can buy from the US, UK, and Asian retailers of your choice and they’ll get your orders to sunny South Africa. You can even order from multiple places simultaneously and Postbox Courier will consolidate all your goodies into a single package.

What’s even better, they’ve even got a handy calculator on their homepage to let you estimate what your shipping costs will be.

So, before you decide to spontaneously pull the trigger on something you need, have a look at some of the online retailers and see if Postbox Courier can’t help you save a bit on your purchase!

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