5 Reasons To Check Out Sony’s New Bluetooth Headset

Is Sony’s snazzy new wireless headset worth the price tag? MenStuff investigates…

Whether you’re trying to run, go to the shops, or even just eat a giant pizza at home, holding and talking on your phone while doing these things is not only difficult, it’s pretty much impossible.

Bluetooth headsets were seemingly the answer to this problem, but let’s be honest, those little ear-clips are not exactly the snazziest solution, but Sony has introduced a new stereo Bluetooth headset which doubles up as a quality music-listening gadget: the SBH80.

This new headset is pretty impressive, and we at MenStuff were able to put it through it’s paces, and we were pretty stoked, so here’s five reasons to check out Sony’s new little toy:

It’s a practical option

The SBH80 headset is a unique product designed very differently compared to the previous Sony SBH products. Both SBH20 and SBH50 series are both accessories which are clipped on to the user’s clothing. The SBH80 on the other hand, it worn around the neck. There are various design thoughts that are put into SBH80.

It’s a viable headset option for music

Sony has decided to go with a straight in earbud design for their headset. The use of earbuds serve a few purposes. Firstly they secure the earpiece into the ears for optimal sound experience. Secondly, it also provides noise cancelling properties that blocks off all unwanted noise so that you can get 100% of the music.

Sony SBH80 headset

Better controls to manage calls and music

SBH80 is designed symmetrically. Both sides of the headset provides controls to control of either the music or calls. The controls on the left are focused on playback. Users can control the playback of their songs on the phone with the Backward, Forward and Play/Pause button. On the right side controls, the user can control the volume or pickup/hang up calls. Sony aims to create conditioned reflex on the user by separating the controls. This is great for users who are always on the move.

Get a call. Get a little neck massage

The back neck support of the headset vibrates to notify user of calls, so you won’t miss calls while out and about, plus, you totally get a little neck rub for free.

The power button is also found at the main neck support of device.  The button is also used to pair and unpair devices connected to it.

Sony SBH80 headset 2

Easily rechargeable

SBH80 runs on a rechargeable battery. This rechargeable battery is charged by a microUSB cable and is compatible with any USB chargers on the market. There only problem, is that a USB charging adapter is not included in the box, but you should have one lying around given its the standard mobile charger these days.

The Sony SBH80 has price of R1,260 and is available from Orange online.

Is the Sony SBH80 something you’d consider using? Let us know in the comments section below.

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