5 Gift Ideas for the Guy or Gal Who Has Everything

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What do you get for the guy who’s got it all? We’ve got the answers.

With the festive season around the corner, smart-shoppers have started to scour shops and online retailers to find the best gifts for their loved ones. However, the biggest struggle is always to try and find a quirky or neat gift for that person that already has everything they could need or want. Instead of it being a pain in the neck, take a look at our list and see if there’s something here that catches your eye!

Kwikset 925 Bluetooth Deadbolt – $227 (Amazon)

It’s starting to look like using keys or cards to get into your house is a thing of the past. This Kwikset single-cylinder deadbolt doesn’t require a key to be unlocked, but instead uses a Bluetooth paired smartphone to trigger its mechanism. So when you get home with your arms occupied by shopping bags, there’s no need to struggle for keys and probably drop half your stuff on the floor — a touch of the smartphone will do the job for you and voila; open sesame.

You can buy the Kwikset deadlbolt smartlock online here (and then use Postbox Courier to get it into SA) here.

Japanese Selvedge Denim – from $130 (Okayama Denim)

For those who know their denim, the holy grail of the indigo stuff is produced in a specific prefecture in Japan, the Okayama Prefecture. It has recently become synonymous with producing the world’s best denim, using more traditional methods and the best materials, the selvedge denim found here is some of the hardest-wearing and best-looking you’re likely to find. They’ve got a wide variety of different styles from a host of famous Japanese brands, like Momotaro, Fullcount, and Samurai Jeans. Many diehards and enthusiasts insist that once you’ve tried Japanese selvedge denim you won’t be able to see yourself going back to anything else.

You can shop on Okayama online here (and then use Postbox Courier to your denims into SA) here.

Denim jeans japan

Bird Photo Booth – $180 (Bird Photo Booth)

Hit that point in your life where you’ve traded clubs and fast food for afternoon walks and low-fat breakfasts? It happens to the best of us. Perhaps you’d like to take your bird watching hobby to the next level and do-away with the annoying binoculars? Then the Bird Photo Booth is potentially for you. This bird feeder features a 4K recording motion-activated camera in the feeder device that you can link up to a smartphone so that you can watch all the little critters in glorious ultra high definition! You’ll also get some incredible photos out of it!

You can buy the Bird Photo Booth online here (and then use Postbox Courier to get it into SA) here.

iRobot Looj 330 Gutter Cleaner- $299 (iRobot)

Some day robots stealing people’s jobs could be an issue that may become gravely threatening instead of vaguely amusing, but today isn’t that day. This little robot wants to do a job that absolutely nobody finds pleasant, which is cleaning filthy roof gutters of all the grime and debris that collects up there during the rainy season. Johannesburg has been enduring some serious storms lately, so who knows what manner of trash is busy growing its own sentient life forms at the edge of your roof? This little guy will just charge through all the disgusting muck and shove it out so that your gutters stay functional and you don’t have to risk blikseming down the ladder and taking a trip to the emergency room.

You can buy the iRobot gutter cleaner online here (and then use Postbox Courier to get it into SA) here.

Gutter robot

Withings Smart Baby Monitor – $200 (Amazon)

Is there anything we aren’t eventually going to be able to do from our smartphones? Instead of needing to buy some clunky device that will help parents remotely keep an eye on their babies, the Withings Smart Baby Monitor is a neat little cube that folds up and keeps watch over the room it’s placed in, transmitting high-res video, monitoring noises, temperature, and motion in the room, and even turning on a light or singing a lullaby to the little one. Simply have the corresponding app on your phone and you can check in at our leisure to make sure everything is A-Okay!

You can buy Withings Smart Baby Monitor online here (and then use Postbox Courier to get it into SA) here.

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