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3 Great Gifts for the Young at Heart

Unleash your inner-kid this season with these incredible toys and products!

Jeremy Proome



The festive season is well and truly upon us – and if there’s any time of year where it’s completely acceptable to get in touch with your inner kid again, it’s now! Let’s have a look at a few toys you can nestle under your tree and enjoy.


Price: from R279.90

Snap Ships may look like a blend between Lego and Hasbro’s Transformers line, but it’s a whole new range of toys created to bring education, entertainment, and an innovative spin on the toy market.

This versatile building system allows you to create multiple crafts. To get you started, each set includes instructions for builds that you assemble yourself. The core of every ship build are the interlocking cubes, which easily snap together to build and rebuild.

There is also a free Android and iOS app that features easy-to-follow build instructions, with life-size digital versions of the crafts that can be viewed with AR. The app allows you to catalogue your collection and discover new builds. You can also track your collection and test-fire your ship’s weapons.

SnapShips are available from Toy Kingdom for from R279.90.

Playstation Symbol Light

Price: R499

If you have a Playstation fan that you need to grab a present for, or perhaps you want a little something yourself, the Playstation Icons light is something that’s unique, interesting, and will go down a hit with any PS stalwart. Re-styled to coincide with the release of the PS5 gaming console, the white finish is accented by contrast colour detailing on the base. Featuring three different light modes – standard, blue on/off phasing, and music reactive. The PS5 PlayStation Icons Light is the perfect accompaniment to your gaming and will look great in any bedroom, gaming den, or man cave.

The Playstation Symbol Light is available from Koodoo for R499.

Nerf Rival Helios

Price: R1,399

Nerf is best known for their Nerf Dart guns – but they’ve recently amped up their range with their Rival series that has higher velocity rubber balls as the projectiles. The Rival series guns are better compared to paintball and airsoft in execution, and anyone that’s looking for a more affordable (and infinitely cleaner) alternative to paintball needs to look no further than the Nerf Rival series. The Helios is a blaster that loads up to seven projectiles at a time and has a satisfying racking action per shot, and fires its rounds at 30m per second and is impressively accurate.

The Nerf Rival Helios is available from Takealot for R1,399.

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