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Jaguar Reveals All-Electric E-Type

Jaguar Classic will combine the best of old and new with all-electric E-types.




Although we’re making massive strides in terms of how we’re powering the vehicles of the present and future, some of the best looking cars are still those from days gone by. Vintage Aston Martins, Ferraris, and Jaguars can more than hold their own against the angular and colder designs of today.

To some people, the best combination will be a car that looks like a vintage sports car, but with all the modern technology and innovation of alternatively-fuelled powertrains. Well, Jaguar Classic is going to make that a reality with their upcoming all-electric ‘E-type Zero Concept’.

The electric powertrain is derived from the award-winning Jaguar I-PACE zero emissions SUV – effectively transferring all the technology under its hood straight into a vintage E-type chassis. The technological improvements aren’t reserved for its propulsion alone, though, with the cabin getting an infotainment and trim upgrade, too.

The E-Type Zero will be built in Jaguar’s Classic Works facility, located in Coventry, England, which also offers the ‘E-type Reborn’ restorations and full electric conversions to existing classics. However, to preserve the integrity of the cars, the entire process is also reversible, should any clients want to return to a classically-powered vehicle in the future.

As a brand, Jaguar Land Rover has expressed their dedication to the idea of zero-emissions vehicles going forward, and Jaguar Classic has embraced the idea enthusiastically with the E-type Zero Concept. Although the project is underway, pricing and exact specifications haven’t been released yet, although the price is rumoured to be somewhere around $475,000 (around R7.2 million) and with a release time close to 2020.

Are retro models with high-tech zero-emissions engines a potentially growing trend in future? We definitely hope so!

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