Italdesign Give the Nissan GT-R50 a Stunning Revamp

Nissan’s prized-beast gets a makeover thanks to Italdesign!

Italdesign is an Italian automotive design and engineering company that has had a hand in designs for brands from Volkswagen and Fiat to Maserati and Lotus. The Nissan GT-R needs no introduction – it’s been a performance car all-star for as long as the Skyline and GT-R moniker have existed, so it was only fitting that Italdesign had a go at Nissan’s iconic speedster.

The visual improvements, most notably the gold and gunmetal silver colour scheme, complement the edgy and angular design of the GT-R – with the largest area of the gold accent starting at the back of the roof and extending all the way down to the rear bumper. Its design is already attractive, but with a colour layout as unique as this, it will definitely catch some glances on the street, almost irrespective of whatever it’s standing next to.

This Nissan GTR-50 by Italdesign doesn’t just boast a reworked and unique visual theme – it’s got improvements all around, including serious boosts to the stock performance. New high-flow, competition spec turbochargers and a host of other engine modifications push the 3.8 litre twin turbo V6 to crank out 710 horsepower and 780nm of torque.

In order to better control all that additional power, everything else from the 6-speed dual clutch transmission, Bilstein damping system, and massive Brembo brakes all received upgrades, too.

This epic upgrade to an already impressive stock supercar recently made its debut in Europe with a starting-price of €900 000, which (currently) equates to nearly R14 million.

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