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Ferrari Unveil Breathtaking Icona Roadsters

The Italian sportscar giant releases a pair of outrageous Icona Series Roadsters.




Ferrari have been on a new model-releasing spree lately, and the latest announcement is of a pair of fairly unconventional roadsters: the Icona Series Monza SP1 and SP2. The Prancing Horse plans on releasing 15 models by 2022 – so expect a few more announcements in the very near future.

Ferrari Icona SP1 roadster

Ferrari Icona SP2 roadster

The pair take inspiration from Ferrari’s Monza 750 and Monza 860 models from the 1950s, but as is evident with the styling, they’re fairly futuristic and incorporate a lot of contemporary elements through form and function, too. The most obvious trait they both share is the lack of a windshield, where the SP1 has a single-seater setup with a tonneau cover adjacent to it, while the SP2 has a passenger seat, in case you’re feeling extra generous and want to give your friend a ride.

Ferrari Icona SP1 roadster

Ferrari Icona SP1 roadster

Both use the same 812 Superfast engine that’s good for 800 horsepower, 530 lb-ft of torque and a 0-100 speed of just under three seconds. Moving from what’s under the bonnet to what’s in the cabin, both have very modern interiors with utilitarian, race-inspired and driver-oriented instrument panels and driver seat arrangements:

Ferrari Icona SP1 roadster interior

Ferrari Icona SP2 roadster interior

These two heritage throwbacks to Ferrari’s older models are great for enthusiasts, but the lack of a roof and the SP1’s inability to carry a passenger make them some of the least accessible models in Ferrari’s range.

Could you see yourself using one of these as a daily? Just watch out for those mid-summer Joburg showers.

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