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Russell Brand Discusses The Ridiculous Obsession With Kim Kardashian’s Photoshoot [Video]

Russell tackles the public’s crazy interest in Kim Kardashian’s latest photoshoot.

Russell Brand’s web show, The Trews, has been picking up some serious support since launching, and the latest instalment features the British comedian and activist discussing Kim Kardashian’s latest photoshoot, which has garnered some serious attention – both good and bad.

Lst night, social media was flooded with images of Paper Magazine’s Winter 2014 cover featuring Kim Kardashian’s glistening posterior. The response was both explosive and polarizing. Some rolled their eyes and complained “I’m so tired of seeing her naked. She’s a mother! Put some clothes on” while others applauded her boldness and sex appeal, and Russell asks some questions about the whole fiasco.

Check out the video below:

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