SA’s SixKings Footwear Brings Old-School Style & Quality to You Footwear Collection

Locally-made but universally recognised.

If you go down any fashion blog’s list of menswear essentials, somewhere on that list you’re likely to find a recommendation for a pair of leather boots. Not only are they a good bet for colder months and when the weather gets sketchy, but, by-and-large, they tend to look really good too.

Local and proudly South African brand SixKings is providing an impressive range of well-crafted boots that are equal parts form and function. They use a variety of different leather types throughout the construction of their shoes depending on what’s necessary in each part; whether it’s geared toward durability for the upper, comfort for the sole, or rigidity in the heel to ensure a secure fit.

They offer three different styles: the low-top that’s close to a chukka boot (R1,000), a mid-top desert boot (R1,200), and then a full high-top (R1,500) that’s a traditional boot reaching beyond the ankle. All three styles come in four colours: a medium brown, dark brown, medium grey, and black.

For more information on the brand and to check out some of their combos that can give you some more bang for your buck, head to SixKings official website.

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